Free WordPress Block Theme.

So, the time has nearly come for the first public release of RebootWP and I’m super excited!

It’s alive!

This started off as a little personal side project running locally, getting to grips with all the new features of Site Editor and WordPress 6.0, but has grown into so much more.

I decided a while ago that I was going to release a free version, to give back to the WordPress community and to have something that others can hack on and improve over time.

I had planned to release just on Github but then got thinking about releasing a version in the WordPress repository that would make pushing updates out to users much easier.

A couple of small tweaks to get it live on and then I’ll also publish Github repo.

It is now live in the official theme repository and you can browse the code on Github.

I’ll be releasing a Pro version at some point with more features, patterns, templates and styles that hopefully others will find useful and in doing so, will help fund the future development of the project going forward.

So, watch this space, lots about to happen!

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