The future of WordPress themes.

For many years, the WordPress editing experience has felt lacking, it has always been a struggle to create beautiful layouts easily. More often than not, it required you to get under the hood and get your hands dirty writing CSS & PHP.

There have been many third-party attempts to create a better experience, things like Visual Composer and Elementor to name but a few.

But they have all felt a little bloated and sluggish.

In WordPress 5.0 came Gutenberg, a native visual block editor that tried to offer a solution. This was like Marmite though; some loved, some hated, but it was at least the start of the evolution of WordPress.

Then came WordPress 5.9 that introduced Full Site Editing, natively, which is beautiful & snappy!

Site editing is a set of new WordPress features that help us build and edit all parts of our website using blocks. Site Editor, Global Styles, Block Themes, Patterns and theme.json file.

Using the Site Editor you can create and manage your website’s pages, templates, template parts, patterns and menus, easily, without code, all from within the WordPress interface.

The latest release WordPress 6.0 included the game changer — Patterns.

Block Patterns are a collection of blocks that you can insert into posts and pages and then customise with your own content. Using a Block Pattern can reduce the time required to create content on your site.

This means WordPress designers, like us, can now ship themes with our own collection of Patterns that allow users to design their own site like never before. Simply dropping in one of the included Patterns and changing the content to their own and boom!

Say Hello to RebootWP.

Design and customise every detail in real time, without ever leaving your browser — no coding required.

This is the future, this is a new era of WordPress themes.

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